Gano Excel Presentation

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I am glad to inform you that we will have Gano Excel Business Opportunity Presentation in London
on July 26, 2011 from 7pm to 9pm  and will be held at Colombian Hotel, at 95-99 Lancaster Gate, W2 3NS London, England,
their website

Ms. Maureen Yeoh, the Gano Excel country General Manager per Europe will be the one to conduct the presentation.

On top of having good time, socializing, networking and consuming healthy Gano products, Gano Excel  will organize some Surprise Gifts for you as well.
See you at 19.00

Your sincerely,
Radu Zamfir

You  all are welcome to attend the presentation!

Click here to Sign Up for an Invitation.

Show me the Money

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Hi everyone,

here is a video with Robert Hollis from Gano Excel North America and he show us how much money can be made with Gano Excel.

How to register with Gano Excel UK and Europe see the next video down the line.


Now you can see it is possible to have residual income.

First step is to register with Gano Excel International.

On the flowing video I show you how I can help you with your Internet Marketing and how you can register with Gano Excel International.


The Entrepreneur Revolution

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Dear friends,
Times are changing and you need to change with the TIMES or you will be left behind jobless and miserable.

I met Daniel Priestley on a talk show and he can present very clear WHY you can not afford to stay in a job any more, and why we need to move on from Industrial Revolution to The Entrepreneur Revolution.

He can explain better then anyone else how to make the transition with a clear vision.
See his presentation here, and you will thank me for the time well spend.
Daniel Priestley is very entertaining, extremely clever and he will blow your understanding.

Products Accreditation and Certification

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How to register with Gano Excel International

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Dear friends,

In this video post, I show you how simple is to register as a distributor with Gano Excel.

Please register with the Sponsor Code: EU9270126 Sponsor Name: Radu Zamfir

Enjoy the video.

Protected: Article Marketing Strategy

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How to Update your Ganodermacoffee website

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Dear Affiliate,

here is a video lesson on how to update your website.

the website is made in WordPress and is very easy to use it.

Once you done this go to the next lesson on how to add posts to your blog.

This post I made it password protected and is only for ganodermacoffee affiliates.

Have Fun,

Radu Zamfir

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Protected: Marketing- Creating a Facebook Page -video training

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Gano Excel – Marketing Training

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It is all about Asking and Answering Questions!

Robert Hollis is Gano Excel Speaker.

He is answering the most frequent questions you may be asked about Gano Excel and MLM.
Please take time and see all the videos in the sequence I sorted for you.

Handle Objections

I don’t have any money?

Is This A Pyramid Scheme?

I am not People Person!

I Don’t Know Anyone!

People Ask Me “How is it Working for You?

This Business Looks Complicated!

Are You Going to Make Money off Me?

Dear Gano Excel friend,

If you like this video marketing Training please let me know by commenting on this blog and I’ll sort and put more videos training here for you.

Please let me know what other Marketing Questions do you need answers to and I’ll find the right Video Training for You!

If you are ready to start your own Gano Excel Business you can register right now.

You need this Sponsor Code EU9270126
Sponsor name Radu Zamfir

You can register under this link:

To see a video on how to register with Gano Excel click here:

if you need more help please call me on
mob: 07877  685922

For Health and Wealth,

Radu Zamfir